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Free at Last

This is a poem by Constance van Niekerk for everyone who has been rejected and have risen out of the pain. Continue reading

Elvis Nyathi

This is an ode to Elvis Nyati, the Zimbabwean man who was brutally murdered in Diepsloot, South Africa. The poem was written by Crestabel Nandipa Mahoko. What land is worth my cries?The job that you claimedWas it really worth my life? I came here only in the events of my tries!Hoping for a better livingAs … Continue reading

For the sake of my kids

Some of us said,We’re staying for the sake of my kidsKids who have never heard the words,I love youfrom their so-called fatherKids who don’t know how it feelsTo be hugged and kissed ‘good night’ by dadKids who have never played catchor go fishing with their fatherKids who did not know the sound of laughter in … Continue reading

You are special

Don’t be afraid to be different. You were not created to conform. You’re special. Continue reading

My Woman

MY WOMAN For this beauty beyond the dreams of a goddessI can dance on the head of a pin to behold your faceI can weave words to the palace of your heart For this beauty that charm my eyesI can defeat a flock of arm warriors with my bare handsI can walk mountains and cross … Continue reading

More time-a poem by Connie Van Niekerk

This poem is dedicated to those who have gone before us. Till we meet again, in our hearts you will remain. Rest in Peace.

Continue reading

My heart is heavy

An ode to the fatherless children My heart is heavyPossibly also green with envyFor those with someone to call ‘daddy’Men are innumerous but, only a handful are worthyEven with faces quite hairyStill, there are not very manyThough a lot might marryEven be merry When a baby is in the bellyI bet he will run awayAt … Continue reading

The Foul Mouthed Grub

Spilling stinking raw sewage and a foul mouthed politician have everything in common;The churlish and kraken weasel who is foul mouthed spewed raw sewage,he spouted feces from his venom,his mouth never knew a damn rhyme.His mouth had a virus,that stopped a verseA hubris and an atheist,whose mouth spoke sewer to spill excrement,like the ghetto in … Continue reading

Departure of thee

Perplerxed by what i cannot handleI’ve percieved my life with a gentle heartFresh in my eyes is how you departed-More than life to me; you were the oneA jewel there is to life; you were the oneI am under the shadows of darknessFor i was blameless and never recklessI am perplexed of why you went … Continue reading

My Sad Reality

My Sad Reality – a poem by Aries Rage Continue reading

Thoughts of a revolution

Squeezing together like penned rabbits Are thoughts of a revolutionThoughts that form a necklace of green lagoons in my headThoughts that become a net for castaways and rebels Like river rats Each thought has a territoryYet forced into the fringeOr go their seperate ways The ones that the swamp dosen’t swallow Are bred into a … Continue reading

In Prison

By Obey Chiyangwa We sleep on thin sagging legs,wobbling, weary-sodden sticks,we still fall fast asleep while afoot,very scary dreams on our sore feet,bunk beds are for seniors in rank,the chamber pot is a serious stink,food morsels are coarse and stale,they trickle the bluish-grey of bile,our cell floors remain water-logged,we swim both the foul and the … Continue reading

Upclose and Personal with Zimbabwean writer, Tafadzwa Lemuel Chiwanza

“I was born a writer…”Zimbabwean Author and poet, Edward Dzonze aka NRS (NamelesRadioStation) , talks to fast rising writer and poet Tafadzwa Lemuel Chiwanza on the inaugral edition of Monday Morements which seeks to bring the writers closer to their readers NRS :Welcome to the inaugral edition of Monday Morements Tafadzwa.In brief, who is this … Continue reading

More confused than amused – a poem

More confused than amused, a poem by Xolani Somaca, Constance van Niekerk and Shaka Ndlovu.
Continue reading

Aluta time

Candles on the candelabra burned out
forming waxy mountains around their feet,

Continue reading

A Love like this

A Poetic Conversation between Constance van Niekerk and Edward Dzonze Continue reading

Distant lover

Distant Lover – Poem by Constance van Niekerk Continue reading

Graffiti Portrait

When the sun gets hot, the shepherd sips the tears of his flock

Continue reading

leaving (to the emigrant)

sometimes leaving is not easy,it’s different from when the baby cries all nightand you pick a stray blanket and pillowto find a space for your tired body on the couch.with this kind of leaving you have to un-cremate memories,make them live and tag along with you,make them lug the landscapes that make them realto paste … Continue reading

It just might be love

A poem by Constance van Niekerk ©2019 From a distanceIt looks like loveSending each otherEvery love emoji in the phone 😍Cyber hugs 🤗Cyber kisses 😘Who knew of their existence 🤷It just might be love ❤️ From a distanceIt looks promisingNothing can dampen the spiritsPerhaps except a low battery🔋And the frequent loadsheddingThat can really be frustrating!Love … Continue reading

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