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The truth about relationship compatibility

Here’s the thing, you’ve at last met someone and you think you’re compatible with that person in almost everything. For example, you’re both big on family, you’re both avid readers, the body is just perfect, you both like taking things slow, you love the same type of music and you both share the same love … Continue reading

No such thing as lack of communication

Here I am, minding my own business on the streets of Twitter and I stumble upon some interesting stuff. These tweets struck a chord. I simply won’t comment. I’d love though to hear your opinions on this #communication #relationships #love #dating #AskAMan https://twitter.com/SamuelJ39453362/status/1485893545462489088?s=20 https://twitter.com/MizStone/status/1485893853697966080?s=20 https://twitter.com/SamuelJ39453362/status/1483723821400170497?s=20 Please do leave your own thoughts on any of the … Continue reading

How to know when you are sleeping with the enemy

The greatest form of love is not only allowing your partner to shine but, giving them wings to fly as well. Many have had their wings clipped by the very same people they call partners. Is it still love when one doesn’t want to see his or her own partner prospering? Is it still love … Continue reading

A Fatherless Generation

If you think you don’t need your father, think again. The World Needs a Father. Continue reading

Relationships can last long, here’s how

Why are relationships and marriages not lasting? Infidelity/ Cheating, seems to be the top reason for divorces and break ups in relationships. Married people no longer respect the marital bed and are not afraid to defy it. What happened to having eyes for the one you’re married to and that one alone? It’s not only … Continue reading

What is love?

Do you know what love is? Continue reading

Dear Sister

It’s been a while since I offered some sisterly advice so, here goes. Growing up, our mothers told us that men should be given unconditional love, actually, they should be loved no matter what. If they cheat, they should be loved. If they are poor, or worse, don’t have jobs, they should still be loved. … Continue reading

More confused than amused – a poem

More confused than amused, a poem by Xolani Somaca, Constance van Niekerk and Shaka Ndlovu.
Continue reading

It just might be love

A poem by Constance van Niekerk ©2019 From a distanceIt looks like loveSending each otherEvery love emoji in the phone 😍Cyber hugs 🤗Cyber kisses 😘Who knew of their existence 🤷It just might be love ❤️ From a distanceIt looks promisingNothing can dampen the spiritsPerhaps except a low battery🔋And the frequent loadsheddingThat can really be frustrating!Love … Continue reading


A poem by Mumu da poet, Mpumalanga, SA I would be happy if you marry meI would be honoured to wake up next to you for eternity Serenaded by the sound of a heart that loves me,I would love to spend every second of my breath with you. I do not know how much lives … Continue reading

The secret to a happy and healthy marriage

Right from beginning, it was never about intimacy. Adam did not go to God and had a chat about how he needed a woman to satisfy his manly desires. It was never about sx. There comes a time when sx is not fun anymore, when there are other people involved in the marriage who also … Continue reading

Down the Streets of Harare

A poem by Connie V We ambled the streets of HarareMeandering aimlesslyFleeting past wide-eyes scanning us enviouslyHand in hand we walked into the restaurantLeisurely on Second StreetOur hunger awakenedOur appetites heightenedAt almost closing timeWith no one in overtime modeA signal that here we could only dine on another day Joina City was our next stopUp … Continue reading

Lost Passion

Not a thing under the stars just happensAll things bright and good happen for a reasonAnd the reality of it all sharpensLike the aura of the blooms in season Each moment there is to liveHas a million and one things to learnWhether  to giveOr to yearn For what could have beenBut could not be seenBecause … Continue reading

What is love?

‘Allo! ‘Allo! 😁 I’ve just returned from my Christmas vacation, it was super! How’s yours going? Hope it’s filled with fun, love and joy. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la… So, this afternoon I’ve just been asking myself, ‘What is love?’ Can we truly define it? The Bible sums … Continue reading

When a woman is fed up

Constance van Niekerk in Vereeniging, SA A woman knows when she is loved, when she is needed, when she is being lied to, used and abused. Every woman in the depths of her heart knows when she must be staying or packing her bags. Why then are the women staying when it is as clear … Continue reading

I’m sorry 

​By Constance van Niekerk  There’s nothing as irresistible as a man on his knees. That’s probably why men propose on their knees. Sometimes it’s not literally; sometimes it’s emotionally on bended knees. At times it’s just verbally, like just saying, “I’m sorry”.  An apology is not an admission of guilt. It’s not a statement of … Continue reading

What you allow is what will continue

By Constance van Niekerk in SA  I think some women have simply become helplessly stupid or altogether crazy. The previous generations of women were made of sterner stuff. They dealt with their marital woes in silence and made their decisions after consultation with a few chosen family members and friends. Whether these decisions were right … Continue reading

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