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Westvaal Holiday Resort, one of Vaal’s hidden gems

READ this article in Afrikaans My pastor and friend, Zelda Oosthuizen always says, “There are many beautiful places in the Vaal, you just have to look.” Indeed, our church, First Foundation Ministries (FFM) had the most marvellous Sukkot weekend at one of these beautiful tucked away places in the Vaal Triangle, Westvaal Holiday Resort. Westvaal … Continue reading

Be careful who you have children with

I guess this is the reason why it’s necessary to really know a person before you commit to them. However, oftentimes it’s after a divorce that you get to see the real person you were married to. Some of us discover a little too late, after the kids have come that the so-called father or … Continue reading

How to know when you are sleeping with the enemy

The greatest form of love is not only allowing your partner to shine but, giving them wings to fly as well. Many have had their wings clipped by the very same people they call partners. Is it still love when one doesn’t want to see his or her own partner prospering? Is it still love … Continue reading

7 red flags in a relationship

I believe that a break up does not happen overnight. I believe it is a whole process that begins with noticing some flags. Flags can be categorised as green, yellow or red, just like a traffic light! The green flags are good habits that ought to be appreciated. The yellow are bad, but don’t call … Continue reading

7 reasons why ‘Men are dogs’ is a complement

Well, how many times have you heard this statement, ‘Men are dogs’? It’s never meant as a complement hey, but what if I tell you that it’s a complement. Not, just a complement but a huge complement. Here’s why: 1. Dogs are loyal to their owner. They might play with you for a while, but … Continue reading

Hello 2022!

Hello 2022, it’s so good to see you! Please be kind. Some of us survived backstabbing, fair weather and fake friends. Some of us are barely standing after being lied to and cheated on by good for nothing partners. Some, some are still dealing with rejection from family members who seem hell burnt on proving … Continue reading

Ode to a Perfect Stranger

He scurried behind meIn a panic, My heart beating fast And arms sweatingfrom the brutal midday’s rays I increased my pace. He broke into a jog Relentlessly, And shamelessly he kept coming. A long time ago it was, Two thousand and three to be preciseYet, the memory remains fresh to date He crossed the broad … Continue reading

Some sweet memories of a dark skinned girl

After reading Colourism is Real, one of my friends, the good Doc remarked, “Very profound indeed… This is so relevant today as many people feel less worthy of themselves due to their complexion. The good news is that, a significant amount of light skinned black and even white men adore dark skinned sisters!” How true! … Continue reading

Colourism is real

I wrote this poem (Black and Proud, edited by the late David Mungoshi) in 2014 during one of the worst periods of my life in SA. I was married to a South African man who physically, emotionally and verbally abused me. Home was hell for me and my kids but work was worse as the … Continue reading

For the sake of my kids

Some of us said,We’re staying for the sake of my kidsKids who have never heard the words,I love youfrom their so-called fatherKids who don’t know how it feelsTo be hugged and kissed ‘good night’ by dadKids who have never played catchor go fishing with their fatherKids who did not know the sound of laughter in … Continue reading

Before you call yourself a queen

I really think the title ‘queen’ has lost it’s meaning over the years. It’s being brutally abused and misused. Today, any Tom, Dick and Harry can call themselves a queen… What exactly are the characteristics of a queen? Everything starts with the appearance. Looks can be deceiving, I know but, you can’t mistake a woman … Continue reading

Esther Ministry hosts a successful women’s conference in Vereeniging

Saturday the 23rd of October was the date and Three Rivers Lodge in Vereeniging the venue. It was a queen’s banquet indeed, a prestigious red carpet event and a successful one too. All the women dressed as brides as they identified themselves as the brides of Christ and the theme of the event was, ‘Rising … Continue reading

The Shack that has ears in Mahikeng, South Africa

Lockdown has been a nightmare for many causing a variety of problems that include job losses, depression and stress. Many in the art industry have not been able to be creative and make a living. However, there’s one film birthed during lockdown in the North West Province of South Africa that has been winning awards, … Continue reading

Religious sects promoting child abuse

The apostolic sect is one of the oldest cults in Zimbabwe. Some of their practices are human rights violations which include child marriages and the prohibition of the use of Western medication. Some of the members of these sects are not allowed to visit clinics and hospitals. In some sects, men as old as 70 … Continue reading

End child marriages, now!

It is heartbreaking to hear that in this day and era, there are still underaged girls who are being married off! It should be a disgrace in a democratic Africa, especially in a state that boasts of 41 years of independence that a 14-year-old girl is someone’s wife. That a 14-year-old girl died giving birth, … Continue reading

Laugh a little bit

It is said, ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ I’m not sure how true it is but, let’s put it to a test. Everyone who is not feeling well, do gather around here. I found this on a friend’s WhatsApp status and thought it’s quite funny needless to say, I laughed so much my stomach still … Continue reading

Dealing with negativity

I guess we all have those people in our lives who make us feel small and worthless. They’re mostly relatives or former classmates. You know, those ex-schoolmates who went on to university and are doing quite well in life. While you’re still struggling to find yourself in the world, they already own a townhouse, cars … Continue reading

On the streets of Vereeniging

Yesterday I spent the day sitting at a friend’s clothes market by the road side in Vereeniging, SA. I just needed to have a chat with someone, living alone can be torture. A man arrived and got into a conversation with my friend. I couldn’t believe my ears. I kept on staring at him in … Continue reading

Why are men silent?

Why are men suffering in silence? Men can be victims of gender-based violence too and it’s time to speak up. Continue reading

MatrixMen South Africa breaking barriers

Randburg, South Africa: Society needs to revise the sexual abuse narrative, it doesn’t only happen to women and girls but to men and boys too. Why has this story not been told? Somewhere in Johannesburg is a sexual abuse survivor who is providing a platform for other survivors and giving them a voice. His name … Continue reading

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