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Warning to Christians

This is only for Christians. If you are not a Christian, then it will not mean anything to you. This message is only for those who believe in Jesus Christ the Messiah. So many times Christians talk about grace but, they do not understand it. Grace does not mean ‘live in sin’, NO! Grace does … Continue reading

Christmas, holiday or pagan tradition?

In all my forty-something years, I have never thought twice about Christmas. I absolutely love the atmosphere around this time of the year. The air seems different from the rest of the year. Surely, this is a special time. Long ago when I was a young girl, my parents would exchange Christmas cards with our … Continue reading

God the whaaaaaat?!

Written by G.P, correspondent. That’s my initial reaction when I heard that statement, ‘god the mother’. My mind went topsy-turvy, what the heck! I ran to my Bible, I mean, one of my Bibles and dug in. I do hope you also have a Bible, I mean a hard copy of the Holy Book. I’ll … Continue reading

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