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DJ Euphonik takes a third wife

Some hide behind culture, others behind religion… I really wonder if men can be in monogamous relationships at all. Have you heard? DJ Euphonik has taken a third wife! Themba “Euphonik” Nkosi has taken a third wife, elevating the second one, Kholeka Qiniso, to become his first after Aurelia Nxumalo left him, making the third … Continue reading

The truth about relationship compatibility

Here’s the thing, you’ve at last met someone and you think you’re compatible with that person in almost everything. For example, you’re both big on family, you’re both avid readers, the body is just perfect, you both like taking things slow, you love the same type of music and you both share the same love … Continue reading

Be careful who you have children with

I guess this is the reason why it’s necessary to really know a person before you commit to them. However, oftentimes it’s after a divorce that you get to see the real person you were married to. Some of us discover a little too late, after the kids have come that the so-called father or … Continue reading

No such thing as lack of communication

Here I am, minding my own business on the streets of Twitter and I stumble upon some interesting stuff. These tweets struck a chord. I simply won’t comment. I’d love though to hear your opinions on this #communication #relationships #love #dating #AskAMan https://twitter.com/SamuelJ39453362/status/1485893545462489088?s=20 https://twitter.com/MizStone/status/1485893853697966080?s=20 https://twitter.com/SamuelJ39453362/status/1483723821400170497?s=20 Please do leave your own thoughts on any of the … Continue reading

JR Travelling Agency’s Valentine’s Weekend Special

Here’s one for the travellers who subscribe to 14 Feb, Valentine’s Day notion. If you have always wanted to take a vacation in neighbouring Mozambique, well, here’s your chance. J. R Travels and Adventure is having a Valentine’s weekend special tour to Mozambique 🇲🇿 JR Travels and Adventure is a travelling agency based in Vereeniging, … Continue reading

It’s athletics time again in Vaal!

VEREENIGING: Parents, learners and teachers of Milton Primary School were very thrilled to host a sporting event for the first time in two years yesterday. The visitors; Laerskool Drie Rivier and ArconPark Primary School, were equally excited to participate in an athletics friendly competition after a two-year hiatus. The parents came in full force to … Continue reading

Forget red roses, try Strawberry Sweetness this Valentine’s Day

Johannesburg: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, well, that is if you are a believer of that day. If you are wondering what to give your Valentine, worry not, I have a suggestion that you will definitely love. How about some Strawberry Sweetness for your sweetheart? They’re sweet, adorable, and irresistible. It’s a simply … Continue reading


The 23rd of January 2022 is the 4th anniversary of the passing of South African iconic musician and cultural activist Hugh Masekela. To remember him and celebrate his life, Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation and Assupol will host a virtual Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival on http://www.skyroomlive.com at 20:00 CAT. “My biggest obsession is to show Africans, … Continue reading

How to know when you are sleeping with the enemy

The greatest form of love is not only allowing your partner to shine but, giving them wings to fly as well. Many have had their wings clipped by the very same people they call partners. Is it still love when one doesn’t want to see his or her own partner prospering? Is it still love … Continue reading

7 red flags in a relationship

I believe that a break up does not happen overnight. I believe it is a whole process that begins with noticing some flags. Flags can be categorised as green, yellow or red, just like a traffic light! The green flags are good habits that ought to be appreciated. The yellow are bad, but don’t call … Continue reading

Refurbished 5-star lodge near Victoria Falls to reopen in March 2022

Not all is doom and gloom in our beloved Zimbabwe. There might be some light for the hospitality industry as Batoka Hospitality Zimbabwe in Victoria Falls acquires three lodges. While many businesses have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, not only in Zimbabwe but in most parts of the continent, Batoka Hospitality has been … Continue reading

Ngong Forest, one of the top tourist attractions in Kenya

Would you like to travel to Kenya but not sure which places to visit? Why not try Ngong Forest? Ngong hills forest is located in the northern tip of Kajiado County and it’s about 25Km from Nairobi city. The forest covers an area of 3077.6 ha. It is managed by Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and … Continue reading

7 reasons why ‘Men are dogs’ is a complement

Well, how many times have you heard this statement, ‘Men are dogs’? It’s never meant as a complement hey, but what if I tell you that it’s a complement. Not, just a complement but a huge complement. Here’s why: 1. Dogs are loyal to their owner. They might play with you for a while, but … Continue reading

Hello 2022!

Hello 2022, it’s so good to see you! Please be kind. Some of us survived backstabbing, fair weather and fake friends. Some of us are barely standing after being lied to and cheated on by good for nothing partners. Some, some are still dealing with rejection from family members who seem hell burnt on proving … Continue reading

Some sweet memories of a dark skinned girl

After reading Colourism is Real, one of my friends, the good Doc remarked, “Very profound indeed… This is so relevant today as many people feel less worthy of themselves due to their complexion. The good news is that, a significant amount of light skinned black and even white men adore dark skinned sisters!” How true! … Continue reading

There is no honour in living in an abusive relationship

We’re all entitled to our own opinions but when it comes to GBVF, only someone who has actually lived in it can tell the tale. But, you must leave first. Dead men tell no tales. Many women (and men) have died due to domestic violence. GBVF continues to steal many parents from their children, there’s … Continue reading

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

SHARPEVILLE – Yesterday, 8 December 2021, Sharpeville SAPS and stakeholders came together for a fun walk dubbed, ‘Walk A Mile In Her Shoes’. The walk was to bring awareness of Gender-Based Violence & Femicide (GBVF) as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign which began on the 25th of November and … Continue reading

Rob, the award-winning African wildlife artist

She might be Australian but definitely African at heart. I call her, MaMoyo, a befitting title for a woman with a heart of gold. She is Robyn Bromham, an artist with a heart for Africa and an African at heart. Rob is an extremely talented whose work is worldwide. Robyn’s work is absolutely amazing. Besides … Continue reading

Before you call yourself a queen

I really think the title ‘queen’ has lost it’s meaning over the years. It’s being brutally abused and misused. Today, any Tom, Dick and Harry can call themselves a queen… What exactly are the characteristics of a queen? Everything starts with the appearance. Looks can be deceiving, I know but, you can’t mistake a woman … Continue reading

Esther Ministry hosts a successful women’s conference in Vereeniging

Saturday the 23rd of October was the date and Three Rivers Lodge in Vereeniging the venue. It was a queen’s banquet indeed, a prestigious red carpet event and a successful one too. All the women dressed as brides as they identified themselves as the brides of Christ and the theme of the event was, ‘Rising … Continue reading

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