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Professor Kaitano Dube talks about climate change and global warming

Air It Out With Connie Podcast is back for season 2. There are a lot of changes, I hope the listeners will be happy with the changes but one constant factor is the host, Connie V. Perhaps sometime in the near future there will be a cohost, who knows? This week, Connie speaks to Professor … Continue reading

Warning to Christians

This is only for Christians. If you are not a Christian, then it will not mean anything to you. This message is only for those who believe in Jesus Christ the Messiah. So many times Christians talk about grace but, they do not understand it. Grace does not mean ‘live in sin’, NO! Grace does … Continue reading

Proud Sibanda- Zimbabwean artistic wonder

Proud Sibanda is a 27-year-old Zimbabwean artist living in the Midlands town of Gweru, Zimbabwe. He is a young man born with a pencil in his hand. He is an artistic wonder with a remarkable talent. Written by Constance van Niekerk, SA Proud says that his romance with art commenced at a very tender age. … Continue reading

W.C.W – Khoudia Diop

Today’s WCW is Senegalese actress and model Khoudia Diop also known as the Melanin Goddess.

15 Zimbabwean love songs of all time

So, The BGs & BBs Club put together a list of what the members believe to be Zimbabwe’s 15 greatest love songs of all time. It is after all the month of love and love is in the air. Next week, they will prepare another list for us, especially for Valentine’s Day. Here is today’s … Continue reading

The secret to a happy and healthy marriage

Right from beginning, it was never about intimacy. Adam did not go to God and had a chat about how he needed a woman to satisfy his manly desires. It was never about sx. There comes a time when sx is not fun anymore, when there are other people involved in the marriage who also … Continue reading

Take note

Monday Motivation

Afrique Beat’s 10 Gospel Tracks of 2019

We love music here on Afrique Beat, so it is fit to start the year in song… Enjoy our top 10 playlist playing right now, in no particular order. Dr Tumi – I Keep Winning Prince Okwu feat. Martin PK – Na You Ooh Pastor Roy – Mohau Hannah Mapepeta – New Things Are Being … Continue reading

Take Ownership Of Your Life This Year

Winston Mwale, Malawi So many of us spend our lives waiting for our “big break.” We think that if we just put our heads down, work hard, and do the right things, eventually someone will hand over the keys to our success. If you want to create real success in your life, you need to … Continue reading

Our end of 2019 party

It’s that time of the year, the season to be jolly! The festive spirit is infectious, it’s a joyous celebration with parties everywhere. The neighbourhood is one huge festival and we are also going to hop on the party train. We have invited a special guest DJ, Nhlanhla Zee Waka Ziqubu and we are going … Continue reading

God the whaaaaaat?!

Written by G.P, correspondent. That’s my initial reaction when I heard that statement, ‘god the mother’. My mind went topsy-turvy, what the heck! I ran to my Bible, I mean, one of my Bibles and dug in. I do hope you also have a Bible, I mean a hard copy of the Holy Book. I’ll … Continue reading

Memory lane… With Robert Adam (PART 1)

MEMORY LANE…. OLOBAKA LINGALA?  RUMBA-KANINDO-SOUKOUS-NDOMBOLO-MAKOSSA-ZOUK  WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN TO YOU? Article written by Robert Adam, UK  Let’s try a few names to jog your memory. Septeto Habanero and Franco Luambo Makiadi. Are the bells ringing? Maybe not a lot. What about Pepe Kalle? Now we’re getting warmer. But if I say Papa Wemba then all … Continue reading


By Meshack Yobby Theme song: ‘When You Believe’ by Mariah Carey feat marehemu Whitney Houston (you know, that ‘there can be miracles when you believe’ song) It is true that necessity is the mother of invention. After my recent gas debacle, I started thinking of all the crazy stuff I have been told -or done- … Continue reading

Thomas Mapfumo ponders on musical legacy in exile

By Gwinyai Dziwa in USA Times do change. Generations come and go. Even traditions are dynamic. One of the greatest cultural ambassadors of Zimbabwean traditions through his rich musical catalog shared his concern about the possible fading of traditional music that has existed for many years. Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo, a music legend living in exile … Continue reading

African Proverbs

Some of the numerous African Proverbs

The Four Brothers- Makorokoto (1988)

Originally posted on Burning Aquarium:
John Peel once described The Four Brothers as the best live band in the world, and chose one of their songs a one of his eight Desert Island Discs (UK readers will know what I mean)- quite an accolade from a man who had heard more records than most.The Four…

Things to do on Human Rights Day

Zelmarie Goosen | 20 March 2015 Human Rights Day is a day to celebrate equality and the sacrifices that were made so that South Africans of all race, culture and ethnicity can live together as one. It’s a public holiday, sure, and there are sure to be some great parties out there – but here are a … Continue reading

The Collaboration: A collection of short stories and poems by Awesome Authors: The second review

The Collaboration: A collection of short stories and poems by Awesome Authors Compiled by Thandiwe Nyamasvisva ISBN 978131684813 A Review by David Mungoshi Part 2: The Poetry Section In my first installment I dwelt on the short story section of the anthology and argued that with better editing the anthology could have been quite engaging … Continue reading

Must Read: Open Letter To Society From A Dark Skinned Girl

With the rising cases of bleaching, you can only ask yourself where the mentality that a certain skin colour is more superior than another came from. The pressure to ape the Western lifestyle has become so much to the extent that many young girls are opting to compromise their health just so that they can … Continue reading

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