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The Cost of Being a Woman – A Book Review

Book Review


Author:     NTHABISENG MOSUOE       

ISBN:         978-0-620-92254-8    

Publisher: Vulombe Enterprise & Publishing (2021)

Only available in hard copies


The Cost of Being a Woman is a poignant autobiography of the author, Nthabiseng Mosuoe. I found her introduction very relevant at a time like this as the entire world is battling to find solutions to mental health issues and suicide. Ms Mosuoe, or rather, Mrs Sithole says, “…it is very important to tell a (your) story without expecting anything from anyone or at least leave room for disappointment.” She explains the importance of telling ‘your’ story, which is mainly for healing and eradicating the bitterness, as opposed to sympathy-seeking because the hearers may not be as sympathetic as expected.

“The truth is that there can never be anyone out there who will feel your pain like you did. There will never be anyone who will understand the way you want them to.”

In her introduction, she goes on to encourage other women who are rape victims to speak out. She has become a Voice of Hope.

In the first chapter, we are introduced to a young girl called Clourina. Clourina was born in the mountainous land of the BaSotho, Lesotho. Her early childhood was blissfull and rosey until the age of seven when her parents separated. The father had been the sole breadwinner in the home, now Clourina’s mother was left with three hungry mouths to feed. Clourina and one of the siblings were sent to live with an uncle who actually did not really live there but in South Africa, while the kids had a caregiver who began to sexually abuse little seven year old Clourina. This is the beginning of a heartwarming story of Nthabiseng Mosuoe as she refers herself as Clourina.

“Sometimes before they could have a decent meal, she will be forced to go to the bedroom to service this man, a starter to him for his decent meal.”

This is a story like no other, if only it was just that – a story. Unfortunately, this is someone’s painful childhood. You can not read this book without shedding a tear, or two. Clourina is not just telling her story or merely reliving her past, she is being a voice for every little girl or boy who has ever been violated and kept it inside. She s encouraging victims to speak out, not for sympathy but for healing.

I would encourage anyone, despite childhood experiences to read this book, just to peep into the life of a sexually abused girl. Maybe, society will be kinder to victims regardless of gender.


Nthabiseng lives in Sasolburg, South Africa with her husband. She is the founder of I’m His Inspirational Talks.

She can be reached on nthabisengmosuoe1@gmail.com

Nthabiseng Mosuoe

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