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Doves Funeral Services Zimbabwe, what a disgrace!


Zimbabwe: Last month (December), DOVES Funeral Services allegedly stuffed blankets and plastic bags inside the coffin meant to have carried the remains of the late Maxwell Chimwamurombe, a Nyanga resident who died in March 2021.

It is alleged that the deceased’s remains were instead buried in Zimbabwe’s capital city, in a coffin with a body of a pauper, whose funeral was paid for by the Harare City Council.

Mr Chimwamurombe drowned in the flooded Nyamombe River in Nyanga last year and his body could not be found for weeks. When the body was finally discovered, some parts were scattered on the riverbank.

The remains were reportedly collected in a plastic bag and then sent to Harare for Doves to prepare for burial and be returned to Nyanga for the burial, unfortunately, the family ended up burying an empty coffin. Investigations are still in progress.

Sam Chitsike: Facebook

DOVES on the 31st of December 2021, fired the hearse driver, Sam Chitsike, on allegations of negligence, accusing him of keeping his supervisor in the dark after learning that he had carried an empty coffin for burial to Nyanga. “They are blaming me for keeping the secret. They said why didn’t you tell your supervisor immediately after learning what had happened,” he said in a live recording streamed on social media.

Chitsike said he collected the body of Maxwell from Parirenyatwa together with two plastic bags which contained his belongings and his job was simply to ferry the body to Nyanga which he did and shouldn’t be sacked for it.

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