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‘Justice for Mongameli Goodman’

‘Judiciary System of; the “Republic of South Africa”

Remarkable, oh! Gustily remarkable
What a miserable monster you are
But you disguise yourself as noble and just,
Deceiving a young man who was an infant nearly a dawn and dusk ago
Loud vividly I evoke
The invigorated rambling of barefooted scallywag
Tumbling tirelessly on the
Dusty streets of Soweto
From whence I grew up and found my feet.
Your Highness! Today I move around like a slave restrained on cuffs and shackles
And nothing rests on my violated feet of abandonment.
Oh little did I know
The injustices that consumes me are
Nearly nothing but just a mirage
Justice is a great traitor, I tell you.
Disguised in black, red and white regalia with a cute necklace but really you are
The precise architecture of this dark design called depression
Almost a theatrical device of my demise.
In a country where the Law is not just, in that country there is no Law at all.
Oh what a fool I was,
To believe that I had sovereignty
To believe that I am a Law abiding citizen and a reputable member of society; and
That I could compose a sweet melody of my life
And pose the music and come back to it at my leisure.
Now my harmony is being rearranged in every measure
And I fail to pick up the sceptic notes of this tragic song
Oh what a fool I was.
To think of a gentleman such as I, could add warmth to the beat of such an institution’s icy heart
But such a heart; thrives on its chill and then kills the noble men of my calibre
It’s ruthless iron fist strikes hard on the vulnerable, humble heads of its subjects and then fails them.
Oh but a Black child always thrives in the validation of its Sire.
So as foolish a man that I am
I beg you!
If there’s any justice in the the Republic of South Africa, I beg to be the first one to know this.
I beg for your consideration.
I beg that you restore me.
I beg that you compensate me for the crown of thorns you bestowed upon me.
I bare it still and I maintain my innocence, Your Excellency!
I beg for your affection Only this once, Your Warship!
It is I; the agrieved
Mongameli Goodman Shabalala
With teary eyes, I still cry for Justice.

Mongameli Goodman Shabalala

Justice For Mongameli,’

This has been his cry ever since I’ve known him. His name is Mongameli Goodman Shabalala and he is an ‘injured soldier’ crying foul.

Mongameli Goodman Shabalala

Born and raised in Soweto, Central Western Jabavu, his formative years were spent in King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape. “I resided in Pretoria, Centurion between the years 2008 and 2011. I then moved to Bronkhorstspruit in June of 2011 and remained there till 2014 and returned to the Eastern Cape; East London. I was still residing in East London when I was arrested in 2019. I had come to visit my family (parents and two younger sisters) during the Easter holiday,” Goodman explains. He adds,”I was arrested on the 6th of April 2019 at my mother’s place at Protea City; Soweto by Detective M.D. Sibeko who works at Protea Glen SAPS.”

Listen to Mongameli’s story on my podcast, Air It Out With Connie.

Part One

Part Two

Mongameli’s cries for justice seem to be falling on deaf ears. Will he ever get the justice he is pleading for? Has the justice system collapsed in our beloved country?

I was 32 years old when I was arrested. I’m now 35 years old.

When I got arrested, I was told (by Detective Sibeko) that I have to go make a Statement at Protea Glen Police Station as there’s a Rape Case that has been opened against me.

I asked him about the details of that Case and he said he doesn’t have any information. He said I will get clarity when I get to the Police Station.

He wasn’t dressed in Police Uniform, he was dressed in formal wear. He came in a Police Van (a Black Nissan, NP300 model) that was not branded but it had the Official car registration.
I assumed that it was standard procedure, I only felt a little bit odd when he indicated that I should get on at the back of the Van. It was odd as I’m a reputable member of society and I didn’t think it was okay for me to get at the back of a Van. I asked if it would rather be better if I drive my own car and follow him instead. He refused.
I noticed that he was getting annoyed so I cooperated.

Just after jumping at the back, he literally took off on a high speed. He carried of like that until we got to Protea Glen Police Station at Protea North.
There’s a straight way of driving to that Police Station from my mom’s place but he used a very odd route that takes unnecessarily longer, goes through areas where I was perhaps expected to jump off and run away, a rout that has multiple speed humps and he drove over them seemingly with an intention to have me flung at the back of the van.

It was way over an hour when we finally stopped at Protea Glen Police Station at Protea North. I had sustained multiple injuries and I had ugly cuts on my forehead and upper lip. I had sustained other serious injuries on my hands, arms, legs and knees but I was able to limp.
I wasn’t taken in through the reception area that has a charge office, I was escorted to the back and he tried to make sure that I have minimal exposure to other Police officers that were on duty that evening. He then made me sign a form as he instructed me to take off my shoelaces because I was being arrested. I never saw him until the 8th of April 2019 when he then charged me with Rape of my niece who was 4 years and 6 months at that time.

I was born a fully abled child with an upgar of 10/10 10minutes after birth. My intellectual properties are gaged higher than average and I’m academically viable. I was fully abled on the day I got arrested and now I have physical limitations; I’m now classified as a person living with disabilities/ limitations.

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