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Dr Babygal, the new kid on the block

If there is love at the first sight, what do we call love at first hearing? That’s just how it was for me and Eshowe. Eshowe, not a person or the town but, the newly released debut track of new kid on the block, Dr Babygal.

The single, released on Friday the 23rd of April is incredibly amazing! It is a breath of fresh air, an energetic Afrobeatsy, homebrewed House track. The melodious track feels like a refreshing cold juice on an African summer afternoon. Oh yes, it’s that good! I have been literally playing it daily on repeat since I got my copy from Dr Babygal two weeks ago.

Who is this Dr Babygal? Where has he been hiding this magnificent talent?

He replies, “Dr Babygal has been brewing this project for some time and as we know each brewery ferments differently. I have been at it for quite a while now but, was just looking for the right time to release the track under Africa Global Music that has been under construction for some time, also waiting for the right time to be functional.”

I just had to ask, is Dr Babygal a medical doctor? “Dr Babygal is your number one musical GP,” he replies.

Eshowe was composed by Mbuso Khoza, Francis Muleso and Mawande Stuurman. Mbuso is on vocals and all instruments were done by Mawande Stuuurman, percussions by Mabaleng Moholo, effects and ambience by Francis Muleso & Louisa Muleso.

The track is based on true events, in the life of one of the composers of the song, award-winning artist, Mbuso Khoza.

Dr Babygal is a co-founder of Africa Global Music but who is Dr Babygal?

The good musical practitioner is not really new to the music industry, his real name is Gabriel Mawande Stuurman, an award-winning song composer who has composed music for various well established musicians who include:
Tshepo Tshola (2 Nominations)
Mbuso Khoza (won best Jazz Contemporary Award)
Jessica Mbangeni (won SATMA Award)
Trinity (won one Canadian Award and 4 Botswana Awards in one year)
Siphokazi (won 3 SAMA and 2 Metro Awards in one year and 2 nominations)

Mawande is a Pianist, Producer, Music Director and Composer.

Mawande Stuurman
Photo: Letsela Entertainment

He has produced several artists who include:

  • Tshepo Tshola
  • Jessica Mbangeni
  • Bongo Riot
  • 16 June Youth Song 2018
  • Fiya Ises
  • Ndamacel
  • Francis Muleso
  • Dr Babygal
  • Dumza Maswana

Stuurman has worked with many musical outfits including Athari, however, this time is for Dr Babygal to shine, we will accord Mawande an audio interview to speak to us more about him and Dr Babygal.

Get in touch with Dr Babygal on Facebook

Take a moment to listen to Eshowe and do leave a comment.

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