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Prince Okwu releases ‘My Hiding Days Are Over’.

11 months ago, South African-based Nigerian Gospel superstar, Ambassador Prince Okwu announced his 4th album, ‘My Hiding Days Are Over’. The album was set for release at the beginning of March, unfortunately, Covid19 struck and almost the entire world went into ‘hiding’. So, the Ambassador, with the entire nation went into ‘hiding’ as if it was an indication that, his hiding days were not quite over yet. At least this time, he was not alone as all of us were under strict lockdown regulations, except of course the employees in the essential services.

My Hiding Days Are Over

The covid19 pandemic sent the entire world into turmoil. People died, and still are. Many companies closed down, many lost their jobs. Prince’s album launch was also affected as he had to put it on ice until his hiding days are truly over. Currently, lockdown regulations have been relaxed. Business is almost back to normal, and Prince decided to release the title track of the album last Monday the 30th of November.

“People are trying to get back on their feet now due to the lockdown. That’s why I have released this track. You will remember another track I released from this album, Na You Ooh ft Martin Pk. The rest of the album will be released in February 2021, God willing,” says Prince.

It has been a difficult period for all of us. The nation unites, praying that this pandemic loses its grip on the world once and for all. This time right now the track is not only about Prince Okwu, but everyone can relate to it as we all say, our hiding days are over.

Ambassador Prince Nda Okwu

Covid19 is not the only pandemic that sent us into hiding. There are other spiritual pandemics as well such as poverty, depression and failure that can send a person into hiding. Sometimes life will knock you out and sends you into hiding. I believe as the year is about to come to an end, we should make a decision to get up every day and show up, boldly claiming that we will not run or hide from our problems. What a relevant track during these tough times!

Prince Okwu

Do watch ‘My Hiding Days Are Over’ by Prince Okwu on YouTube…. The video premiered earlier on today. And as you watch, may you feel encouraged to get up and come out of that situation that wants to keep you in hiding. God is not done with you yet!

“Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel,” urges Prince Okwu in conclusion.

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