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Aries Rage, the literary journey

Aries Rage

This week on Monday Morements, poet Edward Dzonze talks to Elizabeth Taderera aka Aries Rage on her literary journey

E D : Your featured poem; My Sad Reality is signed Aries Rage .Whats to the pen name?

E.T : It is an alter ego i created to escape from the reality i found myself in. It became an escape pod to the alternate universe where i could be myself.Aries comes from the zodiac sign of birth month April (this represent me and my back story where i came from and Rage comes from the emotional turmoil i went through which is a story for another day* ☺️

E.D : You speak of colour prejudice in the first stanza. Of what effect is poetry as an art form a tool of social and economic transformation towards addressing the human ills?

E.T : Poetry is a highly effective tool where emotions are fully expressed in one piece.It acts a a form of silent protest and slowly works in changing the way people act on and think about certain things.

E.D : The inference of Quasimodo; the hunch back of Notre Dame is quite scarry. Who do you hold accountable for the coldness of this depicted civilization for mothers and women in general.

E.T : The coldness of this depicted civilization is noone else but our fault as humans.we have managed to identify differences in fellow humans and we hold that against them while pretending like we are unphased by anything thus we become hypocrites.If we learn to accept that no two people are created the same way, i think the world would be a better place. To mothers and women they should just become nurturers again and not the big bad wolf.*

E.D : What themes do you usually adress and maybe also who do you write for?

E.T : I usually like to touch on themes people don’t really want to open up about because they fear to come out as weak. Emotional themes like depression and death(suicide) among others. I write for that person who thinks they are alone and there is noone they can cry out to.Lets just say i am the voice for the voiceless.*

E.D : Enough said about the poem , how has been the journey ….and maybe whats been what.

E .T :The journey so far has been great, not an easy ride though (not complaining). I have five books published on amazon three of which are collections of poems and two novellas,i was nominated 3 times for the APAPA Awards and I was named best female author for the same award in South Africa, i came first at the second annual African-American poetry contest in America. I’m not getting off the ride anytime soon😁*

E .D :Would you care to comment on the trajectory of Zimbabwean literature post the 2000 millenium.

E.T : Literature is evolving fast and i am pleased to say Zimbabwean Literature is closely following behind, i see this in circles i interact with all we need is exposure and platforms to showcase this evolution and we need support.*

E.D : In your opinion , what does it take to monetise poetry in Zimbabwe?

E.T : It is a known fact that everyone expect to get paid in anything we do, we all need the money. Personally i feel if one monetizes poetry it loses the essence and lacks passion however i also think inorder to monetize poetry a strong foundation has to be built,get the young people involved and interested in poetry and get sponsors to fund poetry contests and poetry slams this way young and old talent get something out of their work.*

E.D : What are we expecting from Aries Rage ? Anything cooking?

E.T : A lot. I am working on building my brand ARIES RAGE by trying to link poetry with clothes a hidden passion i want to explore. I co-authored a poetry anthology with a friend, something to look forward to and i have two WIPs a poetry collection and another Novella😁*

E.D : Parting remarks and words of encouragement to those budding writers who look up to Aries …

E.T : Don’t give up, don’t doubt yourself. Do believe in yourself and know that noone has your back more than yourself.*

E.D : Any links and contact details…

E.T :Facebook: Elizabeth Taderera (Lizzie)*

*Facebook personal blog: Aries Rage (@lizzytads)*

*Instagram : @aries_rage*

*LinkedIn: Elizabeth Taderera*
*Email : duduziletanya@gmail.com*

*Website: https://elizabeth-taderera.grammarhouse.me/*

They can get my book links there… On the website☺️

About Constance van Niekerk

Constance van Niekerk, (Connie V) is a creative writer, poet, music lover, spoken word artist, freelance writer, blogger and educator. She has contributed to several anthologies and published her own collection, Echoes of My Heart: A Poetry Collection available for purchase on all Amazon Stores Worldwide. Follow her on Twitter : @convanniekerk Connect with her on Facebook and Linkedin.


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