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Stephen Mvulah, Still Rapping for God

The Zimbabwean-born rapper who we featured in Dec 2012 in the article, Rapping for God is back with a bang after an eight-year hiatus! 2Blac, as he is popularly known is now Caput Killuminatti and still rhyming and rapping for God!

“Caput is just Tupac backward simply because the legendary late rapper, Tupac Shakur is my inspiration,” says Caput aka 2blac. “I had to change the name 2blac to Caput which means ‘top or head’ in Latin but still has my best rapper of all time Tupac in it. As a Christian, I believe I am the head, not the tail, and Caput suits perfectly well.”

For those who still have no idea who I am talking about, his real name is Stephen Mvulah a Johannesburg-based ‘lyrical pastor’.

Stephen Mvula, courtesy of Facebook

Before we go any further, what happened to the album that was supposed to be released in 2013? Stephen replies, “The release of the album, ‘Anxious for Nothing’ never materialized due to lack of funding. I didn’t have the money that was required by studios then. I almost gave up on music and decided my son who is now 12 will have to do my music.” says Steve. He carries on saying, “Then I met Stephen my namesake sometime in July this year and I did some freestyle for him. He thought I was immensely talented and he called his nephew Whisper whose stage name is Vulture, we started doing some freestyles regularly and as they say, ‘the rest is history’.


My Life Shines (YouTube)

Stephen says that as he discussed with Vulture, a 20-year-old aspiring musician, he realized the challenges these young artists face in the music industry despite being greatly talented.

“I decided I am going to at least record an EP so I can make a name for myself and pave the way for my son and other young people who want to venture into music. My current job often takes me away from home as I visit our other branches throughout South Africa. I decided to use the time away from home to write songs and perfect my flow for recording. The EP project is already complete and it should be hitting radios stations soon. The five-track EP is titled, ‘You’re Not Alone’, and has three gospel tracks.”

Mvula talks about the newly recorded EP, “The title-track is a song of encouragement to the person feeling alone and abandoned.” The timing of release for this track is also perfect as many people feel alone and discouraged due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The song gives people hope, comfort, and encouragement.

“We have shot videos for two tracks. ‘You’re Not Alone’ and ‘How Do I?’ featuring Nikkie Spice, a Zimbabwean musician residing here in South Africa.”

Nikkie Spice: Courtesy of Facebook

Steve says that he discovered Nikkie on Facebook. “I stumbled upon her page and I heard her doing a cover for ‘Hello Mwari’ and I knew her voice would suit my choruses pretty well. I believe she did a great job. I would also want to thank my church God Reigns International church for keeping me focused and in touch with the word of God. I also thank my spiritual family for their support and love. Many thanks also to my pastor, Lungi Ndala for encouraging us to engage our destiny no matter how old you are or the obstacles you may face. The series of his messages ‘Engage Your Destiny’ played a huge part in me fulfilling my dream of rapping for God. I believe my son, Stephen Jr will be encouraged with this project and I want him to know that as he pursues his passion for music he has got my support.”

Stephen ‘Caput’ Mvula Courtesy of Facebook

Stephen’s final message was an encouragement for people to get in touch with him. “On social media, you can find me on our page N.O.P (Nation of Praise) and my personal account, Stephen Caput Mvulah. YouTube it’s Caput Killuminatti. The Killuminatti part means ‘kill Illuminati’. I am against anything associated with Illuminati and urge all musicians never to compromise their lives just to make it big. I want to preach through music and get the youth to enjoy whilst they get good news and positivity from my lyrics. ‘How do I?’ is a song of thanking God for what he has done in my life and I believe had it not been for His grace I wouldn’t be alive today. I have made bad choices in the past but through it all, God has been great. I believe my past has also contributed to my storytelling in my music and it’s true when the Bible says, ‘All things work together to those who love God and are called to His purpose’.



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