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Marc Blaze Bio

Sound Engineer Music Producer

I’m a 34 year-old highly talented, energetic and enthusiastic Sound Engineer with extensive experience in recording,syncing, final mixing, music composition, foley(sound effects), sound effects in sporting arenas, theatre productions, recording studios, movie and video productions.

Born Maxwell Sengweni, I was raised in a very artistic family therefore growing up exposed to music which helped me develop a natural ear for composing songs.

I have more than 10 years of experience in the recording studio as a sound engineer and music producer. I have recorded, mixed, mastered and packaged songs for other artists and producers.

I’m able to help artists write lyrics, assist with rehearsal, compose music, record, mix and master the final project. Most of my compositions have been featured on TV/Radio Ads, TV shows, documentaries and movies.

Other than composing my own music, I also ‘sample’ old songs to create new versions that rappers and singers can perform on or just leave them as ‘remixes’. 

As a sound engineer, I am also able to create foley for movies, TV shows and documentaries.

Career Highlights:

  • Composed music, recorded, mixed and mastered the entire Truesight Mixtape vol 1 which led to me being nominated for Hype Magazine’s Best Hip Hop Producer of 2009
  • Composed music for Maddmaxxx’s (The Game’s former group member) song titled Just like Friends   
  • Composed music for Botswana’s rapper Zues, song titled Gijima.
  • Composed music and final mixed Split Second (Channel O).
  • Designed Sound Effects(foley) and final mixed for Isibaya dubbing from Zulu to Portuguese.
  •  Designed and mixed Sound Effects(foley) for the Fledglings animation (Yet to be flighted).
  • Composed theme music for MNET Africa Magic’s Swahili Channel.
  • Composed music and final mixed MNET Africa Magic promos.
  • Composed music and sound effects (Foley) for 24 Hours-The Movie (Sukuma Media).
  • Recorded voice overs, composed music and final mixed Messages-On-Hold for Air Namibia.
  • Recorded and mixed voices for MNET 30th Anniversary TV jingle.
  • Final mixed Tafel Lager Brave Warriors TV ads.
  • Composed music and final mixed for a short film (Tanyaradzwa).
  • Recorded voice overs and final mixed radio ads/jingles for Dulux Paints, Truworths, Tafel Lager,
  • Kalahari Sands, Bank Windhoek, Maggie, KIWI, Smile Train, Yardley and more.
  • Conceptualised, recorded voices and final mixed radio shows for PSI, SAFAIDS and UNICEF
  • Final mixed Top Mais (Channel O).
  • Composed music and final mixed Split Second (Channel O).
  • Artist full packaging from songwriting, producing, recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Set-up and mixing of live performances for bands, choirs, acting groups and theatre.

Summary of skills:

  • Final mixing for broadcast.
  • Sound effects design (Foley).
  • Noise reduction/Restoration.
  • Music composition.
  • Vast knowledge of applications and programming including Logic Pro, Ableton Live, ProTools, Soundscape, Cakewalk Sonar, Cubase, FL Studio and SoundForge.
  • Computer literate with both x86-compatible PCs and Apple Macs, with a working knowledge of networking, commercial office software and programming in XHTML, PHP, MySQL and BASIC.
  • In-depth background in assembling and maintaining sound equipment.
  • Profound creativity and great interest in electronics.
  • Experienced system technician; building, specifying and taking responsibility for complete sound reinforcement systems from vocal PAs to festival band systems, for a wide variety of different requirements.
  • Unique skill at resolving technical problems quickly.


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