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About idle minds

This morning, I was wondering how things went down in the Garden of Eden. I realised that it’s really about idle minds!

I’ve asked myself many times, where was Adam when Eve was busy being cozy with Satan? This morning, I thought he must have been busy in the garden, “And the Lord took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and keep it.” Genesis 2:15

Then 2 verses later, God said it is not good that man should be alone and made him a helper. I guess most of us women don’t understand that we’re helpers. Even though the man is busy, it doesn’t mean we should just sit there and wait on him for everything. An idle mind is the devil’s playground.

Adam ought to have taught Eve how to be involved in the affairs of the garden. He definitely needed her, otherwise God would not have said that he will make him a helper. Adam had everything a man wanted…. But God saw that he needed a helper. He lacked nothing yet, he was incomplete. However, a helper with lots of time on her hands begin to entertain the devil…. It’s all about idle minds.

We’re now in a different kind of garden but, my dear lady, what are you busy with?

About Constance van Niekerk

Constance van Niekerk, (Connie V) is a creative writer, poet, music lover, spoken word artist, freelance writer, blogger and educator. She has contributed to several anthologies and published her own collection, Echoes of My Heart: A Poetry Collection available for purchase on all Amazon Stores Worldwide. Follow her on Twitter : @convanniekerk Connect with her on Facebook and Linkedin.


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