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Seasons of life

Life is in seasons. Just like we have Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn, such is life. As with weather, life too has seasons.

I enjoy listening to Steve Harvey’s story. Steve was at one point homeless, look at him now. Such is life. There are many similar stories to his. The seasons of life.

My mum always used to saythat as long as you are still alive, never laugh at another person’s misfortunes because you don’t know what tomorrow has in store for you.

I just thought we should remind each other today to treat the people we meet with the same respect, rich or poor. You don’t know whose help you will need in future. A poor person today can be very rich tomorrow and vice versa. Life is in seasons… Don’t judge a person according to the season they are in now. Seasons change any time.

So, as you are in your Spring season, remember those in Winter, for when your own Winter comes, you might need the same people to assist you. And when you are in your Winter, remember that Spring is coming. It can not be one season your whole life, seasons change because, life is in seasons. While you are in Winter, remeber to put on warm things. For me, this means surround yourself with supportive friends and family. People who will bring warmth into your heart. This is the time to be with positive people who will remind you that Winter does not last forever, Spring is on the way. Many times we want to live the life of Spring when in Winter… adjust according to your season. If it starts raining, do not cry, get an umbrella. There is a reason why it must rain. We need rain for the vegetation to grow, we need rain for water to drink… After the rain comes the sunshine. Can we really survive without any rain? So, let it rain! Get a support system that will shelter you from the rain and that will help you through the rain. And don’t forget to pray!



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Stay safe, this too shall pass.

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One thought on “Seasons of life

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece as it resonates with my latest blog post titled ” seasons”. What a beautiful coincidence!


    Posted by Ofentse Creative | May 7, 2020, 22:59

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