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Upclose and Personal with Mary Mutambalika

Mary is a 22-year-old young female entrepreneur and keynote speaker who strives for excellence in every area of her life. Mary is an aviation student and is currently studying towards obtaining her private pilot license. She is the co-founder of M&N detergents alongside her business partner Neliswe Majorobela. Together they produce household cleaning products with a 100% feminine touch to highlight the beauty of a woman. Mary is also the director of a logistics company that specializes in import and export called Bishop Freight and General. Mary has a passion for young people and pastors kids and takes part in charity initiatives and programs that empower young people to become their best in every area of there lives. Above all else, Mary is sold out for Jesus and believes that by all means necessary she has to inspire before she expires!https://www.facebook.com/wibalawards/

Mary Mutambalika

WHAT INSPIRED YOU? If anything, I owe my encounter in business to my High School Germiston High. There was an initiative project with Peermont and Awethu. It was a competition/project which gave the opportunity to groom young entrepreneurs and through that program I was able to gain fundamental business skills which I now use in running my businesses.  The very same program also gave me funding to start my first business.

 The first business was RoMary which is still standing, and it was a cup cake and wrapper business. My partner Robyn Radebe and I would sell at school.  Then fortunately my dad started a logistics company of which I would sell at the company as well after I left high school. Then I also started making professional resumes for people just make money on the side as well as sell cookies. My latest venture is M&N detergents which is a household detergent range that has an absolute feminine touch to cater to your modern-day woman. Which just launched on the 3rd of March 2020 along with my business Partner Nelly Majorobela

HOW DO YOU CHOOSE BUSINESS VENTURES? Whenever I choose a business venture it all boils down to the current demand of the specific service or product in the market.  I do a lot of research to ensure that whatever service or product being offered will meet the needs of my target market and allow them to come back.

WHO ARE YOUR MENTORS? AND WHY. My main mentors are Steve Harvey and Oprah Winfry. They are two people who understand the Biblical principal behind making it in life. Everything that we are currently doing or the ideas that we come up with all boil down to the bible and a Higher power that drives you to achieve greater things.  And being a spiritual person myself I had to make sure that when I choose a mentor, they are also spiritual beings and Steve and Oprah are the perfect example of how Bible principals are equivalent to Business principals and apply in our everyday life.


WHAT DO YOU DO TO STAY MOTIVATED? To stay motivated and encouraged I honestly take heart in serving in ministry and the people around. Where I can assist with the little I have I make sure that I use it for the benefits of others. And when I look at some of the conditions of the people, I assist I really pray that God blesses me so that I can be a blessing to others as well.

 5 YEARS FROM NOW? In the next five years I see myself as qualified commercial pilot license holder. I also see my products in leading shops in south Africa and surrounding boarders. I also see myself opening an entrepreneurship program to pass on the lessons that I have learnt in business to upcoming entrepreneurs. Ultimately, I see myself as a business tycoon!


WHAT IS YOUR WHY? My “why” revolves around my family and my education. In the field that I am in the amount of money required to obtain my licence and to be at the level that I want to be is very high. So, by being involved in multiple streams of income I would able to bridge financial gap in my family and untimely we would be able to experience Financial Freedom

ANY CHALLENGES? My main challenge is defying social expectations and struggling to be taken seriously especially when approaching male clients.

Mary was nominated for a Women in Business and Leadership Award

ANY WORD OF ADVICE TO YOUNG FEMALE ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS? Take a bold leap of faith and start! Be humble enough to accept criticism and most importantly believe in your vision and the reason you entered entrepreneurship in the fist place cause your “why” factor will be your driving force to never give up.

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Constance van Niekerk, (Connie V) is a creative writer, poet, music lover, spoken word artist, freelance writer, blogger and educator. She has contributed to several anthologies and published her own collection, Echoes of My Heart: A Poetry Collection available for purchase on all Amazon Stores Worldwide. Follow her on Twitter : @convanniekerk Connect with her on Facebook and Linkedin.


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