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Keep sisterhood alive

Yesterday, I had the most awful experience of 2020. It’s nothing new really but, it is still painful. I sometimes do part time jobs, any kind of job at all just to earn an extra rand. In my hustle, I learnt that as much as women are very vocal about men abuse and gender equality, we are our own enemies! Women on women abuse is so prevalent, yet hardly ever spoken about.

You might still be wondering what I am on about. I am talking about how women abuse other women in the workplace especially those who work directly under them. Domestic workers and nursery school teachers/ caregivers are the most abused women who hardly utter a thing for fear of losing their jobs.

We really got to learn about being a sister’s keeper, not only protecting each other against men, but protecting each other. True sisterhood is feeling each other’s pain unconditionally. Unfortunately, women bash each other every opportunity we get. That is why a woman can date even her best friend’s man without any remorse! Eish!

Once, I was a nursery school teacher. We were under-paid and under-appreciated by parents and overworked. Mothers of today will send a child to creche even though they’re unemployed so that the teachers can ‘deal with the child’. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with that, except today’s mother passes up on opportunities to bond with her child, in the name of ‘space’…. “I need my space.” When the nursery school closed at 6 in the evening, mommy would come pick up her child at exactly 6 o’clock! She knew just about how long it took her to get to the school, what speed she should use, and every other logistic just to arrive at 6pm on the dot! She is not a happy mother either. Every single day she would complain about something, every God-given day! There was never a cheerful countenance, just complain, complain, complain. If you find it difficult to spend a day with your one or two kids, what more the teachers who have 20-30 kids just like yours? “It’s their job… they’re getting paid for it…” Yeah yeah, we know….

It’s good to note that not every woman is out to get a fellow sister. One day, after work I passed by the BP Shell gas station at corner Van Riebeeck and Beaconsfield in Vereeniging. I will never forget how the woman behind the glass window made me feel. She was very nice, quite hospitable. Her cheery attitude was so infectious. It was like inatant relief for a tooth ache! I was in a bad state, having received my salary for the month, yet knowing that after buying the electricity coupon and paying rent, my entire month’s salary will be gone. I mean literally gone! This woman lifted up my spirits as I really felt dejected and on the brink of giving up. I remember asking myself how she could be so nice at almost 6pm in the evening, practically the end of the day. After working all day, how did she manage to sound wonderful at that time of the day? I should have asked for her name because, she truly touched my heart. This was in 2018 yet, I will never forget how she made me feel. Kudos to this woman with a heart of gold. A true epitome of sisterhood. There are many other examples like her in the world, yet they’re overshadowed by those who do not hesitate to take any opportunity to pull a sister down. These are the ladies with PHDs… and this has nothing to do with education. They actually need some schooling because they have ‘Pull Her Down’ syndrome.

Then, the domestic workers…. hmmmm, let me leave this for next time. All I will say is, hats off to the domestic workers all around the world. You’re strong and courageous women! Keep on keeping on.

Ladies, let’s play nice with each other before we complain about men treating us bad. Let’s treat each other good oo!

Keep sisterhood alive,

Peculiar Treasure 😉

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