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Different strokes for different folks

A wonderful evening from South Africa! It’s a wet and lovely Thursday, we are grateful to God for the rains. It had been like a blast furnace recently, often waking up in the middle of the night, choking on my own blood as I nosebled. At times waking up with my head throbbing as if it would explode. You can see how so grateful I am for the cool weather, finally! Hopefully it will last.

When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, in this world we live in, there are great people, there are also monsters. I’ve met such loving men and I’ve also been abused and used. If I get hurt once or twice, does it give me the right to paint all men with the same brush? If one woman cheated on you, does that make all women cheaters?

While browsing on Facebook, I found this on a page,

Remnants School of Marriage and Relationship Ministry

“It is madness to hate all roses because
You get scratched with one thorn. To give up your dream because one did not come true. To lose faith in prayers because one was not answered. To give up your efforts because one of them failed. To condemn all your friends because one of them betrayed you. To not believe in love because someone did not love you back. I hope that you go your way and don’t give into madness. Remember always, another chance will come up. Another friend. A newed love. A renewed strength.”

What I realised is, I’m not responsible for the next person’s behaviour and, each person should be accountable for their own actions. When you get hurt in a relationship, give yourself time to heal. Don’t punish Lucy for what Emily did. Don’t punish the whole male species for what Steve did. If Doug is a dog, just be specific and say, ‘Doug is a dog’, not, ‘all men are dogs.’ If Susie, Veronica, Tracy and Ruth double-crossed you, they’re not all women… It’s Susie, Veronica, Tracy and Ruth. If one Zimbabwean stole from you, not all Zimbabweans are thieves. So, since I’m responsible for my own actions, I choose to be the change I want to see. That’s basically all we can do, change ourselves and pray we meet good people. Let’s decide to be different… But change starts with me. I can’t change the next person when I also need some working on. All I can do is be the best version of myself and keep the faith that I will also find someone willing to work on himself.

Never let people or circumstances change who you are. You have a good heart. You’re a great person. You might have been getting involved with the wrong people, allow yourself to heal and try again. Be more careful this time. Change your taste in partners, take your time before you fall in love, those wise men who said only fools rush in might have been telling the truth after-all! Do something different, get a new hobby, change your friends, but whatever you do, don’t let the unfortunate experiences make you bitter… Being bitter doesn’t make you better. Broken people break other people, love yourself, forgive yourself and get back in the game.

Have fun, love what you do and do what you love! Catch ya on the rebound😉

From your girl,

Peculiar Treasure 💖

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2 thoughts on “Different strokes for different folks

  1. Nothing but true….❤️ Real words of inspiration


    Posted by Nhlanhla | Dec 5, 2019, 21:43

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