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It never rains…

Life sometimes throws us some curve balls, well, that’s life. No-one actually promised us a life of sunshine. Life is in seasons hey but, when it rains it surely rains! Someone said that it never rains but it pours. And my aunt always say, “when days are dark, friends are few.” Talking about friends… why do we give prospective lovers a two-paged questionnaire but we never ask our prospective besties a single question? Hmmm… that’s why we end up alone in the dark… almost I said alone in a strange place, well… that too!

We should ask our prospective besties questions like… Are you afraid of the dark? Can you stand the rain and my personal favourite, ‘Are you a marathon runner?’ Hehehe… Not all friends run off when it gets dark, thank God! Some actually stick around and some are like two-legged fishes, they absolutely love the rain!

When it rains, don’t panic. Just look around you and see if there’s anyone standing by you. If you are all alone, well… not everyone can stand the rain, so don’t take it personal. Keep a positive mind and teach yourself to stand in the rain so you can also be there for others who find themselves alone in the rain. It also helps to pray during dark days. It can’t be night forever, the sun got to shine some day. It can’t rain for eternity… the sun will surely shine after every storm.

Hang in there… grab a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade or whatever takes your fancy. Sing a little, laugh a little… relax, it can not rain forever. When it rains… it will stop sooner or later!


Sending lotsa sunshine your way

Peculiar Treasure šŸ™‚

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