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Hail to the king 

Constance van Niekerk in Vereeniging, SA

​Every woman dreams of a man who is caring, attentive, kind… Who compliments her dressing, her hairstyle, her curves, her everything… Someone who tells her how beautiful she is, how he misses her every second they are apart, how he can’t wait to see her again, a man who is supportive and loving at all times and stands by her no matter what is going on in his life… A man who is not afraid to see her shine and proud to show her off to the world… A man who wipes away her tears, even the ones only known by her heart… A man who calls her just because, one who holds her when she needs it, who kisses her forehead and tells her that he got her back… A real man, a king… 

Funny enough, we are always suspicious when he arrives. We wonder if he is for real, how long will he stay, what’s his angle, what’s the catch… We get insecure and paranoid… But the real deal will still stay… 
Believe me… He exists! Hail to the king….. 

About Constance van Niekerk

Constance van Niekerk, (Connie V) is a creative writer, poet, music lover, spoken word artist, freelance writer, blogger and educator. She has contributed to several anthologies and published her own collection, Echoes of My Heart: A Poetry Collection available for purchase on all Amazon Stores Worldwide. Follow her on Twitter : @convanniekerk Connect with her on Facebook and Linkedin.


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